After a busy start to April, Oemeta UK has been reflecting on a productive week at the MACH 2022 exhibition at the NEC.

The impressive stand saw a stunning heritage 3 Wheeler car taking centre-stage, courtesy of prestigious customer, Malvern-based Morgan. At the show, visitors approached Oemeta to learn more about their partnership with Morgan, and how using Oemeta products and services resulted in improvements to productivity, sustainability, component quality and cost reductions.

With the Morgan car being a great introductory point, attendees also learned about Oemeta’s specialist HYCUT and ESTRAMET S 77 products. HYCUT is a mineral-oil-free product and fluid concept that has been tried, tested, and trusted by several engineering giants. The multi-functional capabilities of the fluids mean that all processes can be performed using the same products over and over. The 2-component element allows complete control over machining lubricity and additive levels, independently, allowing total optimisation of the process. Additionally, it can all be recycled back to the machine coolant tanks, substantially reducing waste. ESTRAMET S 77 is one of Oemeta’s latest products and is based on synthetic ester oils. It is a new generation of coolant that combines high performance with cost-efficiency. It is ideal for hard-to-machine materials such as high-alloyed steel, and aluminium and titanium alloys.

Alyson Pettefer, Marketing Manager at Oemeta UK says: “The stand was busy throughout the week and after a long break from exhibitions due to the pandemic, it was great to have face-to-face meetings with industry once again. Our mineral oil-free fluid concepts, HYCUT and ESTRAMET S 77, captured the attention of MACH visitors aiming to improve the sustainability of their manufacturing business whilst improving productivity and machining performance. Having a car on the stand from Morgan, one of our many prestigious customers, was a great talking point and it certainly attracted more visitors to the stand. The enquiry levels were extremely high, and our team will have an extremely busy few months following all the leads generated from MACH 2022.”